Cabins Built for Wheelchair Accessibility

After a fire in March 2007 that burned our 2 cabins to the ground, we wanted to rebuild in a way that would include as many visitors as possible. A neighbor encouraged us to do the best we could in the small footprint that we had. Building code did not allow us to expand beyond the original cabins’ footprints, and we were also limited by very narrow property boundaries. On the positive side, what we had was fairly flat!

Scroll down for details that we hope will help you decide if our cabins will work for you. Feel free to contact Connie to ask anything that will help you decide.

boy in wheelchair enjoying mountain views from our cabin deck

Accessibility Features at Both Cabins

Exterior doorways have 33″ clear space

Interior doorways have 32″ clear space

Ramp to the front entrance

Under-cabinet microwave

Dining table with easy roll-under access

Roll-in shower w/pull-down shower seat & hand-held shower wand

Roll-under bathroom sink on main level

Main level bedroom has Hoyer lift – compatible king bed

Flat parking – paved road handles low-rider vans

150′ walkway plus driveway across front of ridge allows room to roll with panoramic mountain/valley views


Eagles View

ramp to back deck/back door

kitchen & bathroom have lower counters

23″ high open-frame king bed

commode with grab bars on each side in a 42″ wide alcove

video of main level bathroom


Above the Clouds

outside ramp to the lower level which has a 2nd king bedroom with 2nd roll-in shower
[Note: may not be realistic to access during rain/wind/snow]

picnic table with 18″ overhang

26″ high open-frame king bed

Photos/description of main level bathroom